Key Challenges in data digitization

Data digitization is a key component of digital transformation projects. Life Sciences companies have the challenge of converting terabytes of data (discovery, clinical, regulatory, sales and supply chain) from unstructured and legacy formats into a curated and structured data set, to be made available to business applications and mined for insights. Manual conversion process is time consuming and expensive.

Loss of insights


Time consuming

DF Digitize AI

Our data science and domain experts have built just the right solution to enable quick pilots and cost-effective realization of value from your data assets.

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Data Digitization Pipeline

Features of DF Digitize AI

AI Assisted Document Processing Pipelines for generation of repetitive/similar text from images, text from images, from paper files using highly accurate OCR and NER models.
Built on extensive bio-medical data sets, our MediLP models provide a solid foundation for building Natural Language Processing pipelines around OCR and Text Analysis.
Professional services around data transformation, AI labelling and Analytics.
Cloud Ready and regulatory compliant - allowing you to deploy on your private cloud or ours.
Rapid application development – Using Datafoundry’s event-driven micro services platform, customers can quickly build beta products or full-scale enterprise applications quickly and cost-effectively.
Our partnership ecosystem with CROs and functional service providers, academia and research institutes will enable you to access domain experts and service consultants.
From patient medical bills to researcher lab notes, from clinical and safety data to labelling data, we have built a large and highly accurate training data set to continuously refine our Medical NLP models, to allow customers to get a quick start.
Built a large and highly accurate training data set of more than
documents and growing.

Accelerate your digital journey through DF Digitize AI and extract value from your data assets.

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