Key Challenges in Labelling

The labelling process is not always as straightforward as it seems. Manual labelling is one of the leading causes of review failures, recalls, and regulatory sanctions. Failure in finding and fixing labelling errors can lead to costly warning letters from regulatory authorities.

The label review process is procedural, manual, and largely devoid of workflow automation.

Increased number of queries and changes, as guidelines are amended and supplemented with divergent practices for local countries.

Increasingly difficult to align QC and Regulatory checks across markets.

Higher burden on quality checks and regulatory observance with compressed timelines.

AI-powered Label Management - DF mLabel AI

DF mLabel AI is designed to solve the major problems in the Label Management process for Life Sciences companies: Data Quality and Manual QC. Automatically review, edit, and label your products for safety compliance with DF mLabel AI.

DF mLabel AI is an AI-driven label management solution that helps companies organize, deliver, and track product information. It is a simple solution for label management and review which automates the entire Label review and QC process; from receiving and ingesting artwork to generating Digital Labels for trials and post-marketing. Our NLP division is on the forefront of data digitization, and we’re inventing new ways to tackle your most complex labelling challenges.

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Features of DF mLabel AI

Built-in AI makes it possible for you to customize content.
It automates and tracks label review and approval.
Creates digital labels that comply with regulatory formats and templates.
Match content based on semantics & NLP Models.
Integrate data into multiple fields and then pre-populate them back.
Find unapproved label changes.
Capture problems and deviations from dosing instructions.
As the industry leader in Quality Gate Review and Regulatory Compliance for Medicinal and Cosmetic Product Labels, we bring you the power of AI to significantly improve labelling quality, reduce turnaround time, and reduce cost.
Improve the productivity of your medical affairs team by

Improved Productivity

75% reduced time to let customers focus on high value activities.

Reduced Queries

Very high compliance with local health guidelines.

Increased Accuracy

High accuracy with decision aid from Subject Matter Experts.

Quick setup

A choice between a standalone version and an easy bolt-on service that integrates into existing infrastructure with minimum configuration.

With DF mLabel AI, you get a collaborative, easy-to-use system that consolidates your Label Review and Quality Control checks into one application.

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