Key challenges

Literature Monitoring and Review is becoming increasingly important as an input into the efficacy and safety of medicines, cosmetics, and medical devices. In some geographies, the companies (Marketing Authorisation Holders) are expected to monitor medical journals and databases on a weekly basis and extract applicable adverse events. Literature Review Summary is an expected inclusion in Periodic Safety Reports and Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs) for Devices. Most life sciences companies also have tons of internal documents and data sets that could be used as part of a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) or Meta-Analysis or Literature Monitoring for Pharmacovigilance. Literature Search and Reviews are traditionally a manual process.

Existing process is prone to bias, time consuming and susceptible to human error as the reviewer is focused on the manual process and not the analysis of information.

No end-to-end solution in the market that allows literature search and monitoring, review of full articles, and generation of Summary reports and analytics.

Apart from regulatory compliance, Life Sciences companies are also looking for ways to extract valuable insights from the process.

Large amounts of unstructured and inaccessible internal documentation.

With vast amount of research and associated literature being produced, it is easy to miss content produced by new research.

Literature Monitoring and Review - DF mLiterature AI

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Features of DF mLiterature AI

AI-assisted features of DF mLiterature AI helps in saving manual effort in Search Strategy creation, Full article review and Report authoring.

Centralizes public and internal literature
A template library for different kinds of reports
An easy to implement Data Digitization Pipeline
Proprietary deep learning model called MediLP aids in preparing regulatory submissions
Multi-role user access that allows one to assign functions to different users
Hosted on qualified cloud infrastructure with full support for system validation and Part 11 compliance
DF mLiterature AI essentially reduces the manual effort of reading and organizing medical literature, while improving search results and data quality for better analytics.
Improve the productivity of your medical affairs team by

Broader Search

Reduced publication bias leads to a comprehensive review

Organized Content

Increased knowledge base and accurate information

Faster ROI

Minimum configuration, template-based approach, customized search criteria and easy integration with existing infrastructure

Configurable template

Ease in generating reports bundled with Smart UI Assist

Digitize and Automate your Literature Review and Analytics.

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