Key challenges in Safety Case & Signal Management

With the increase in the number of adverse events being reported and new sources (social media, Call Centres, Literature, RWD), the pressure is on Safety departments to innovate.

Inaccuracies in case intake impact the downstream processes

Increase in the volumes of cases from emerging markets

Having to manually extract safety case information coming in different formats from various sources

Higher cost to manage intake, do duplication checks and complete triage

Safety Case & Signal Management - DF mSafety AI

DF mSafety AI is a modern, cloud-based SaaS that uses the power of AI/ML to deliver efficiencies and a great user experience in Safety Case Management and Signal Detection for medicinal and cosmetic products and medical devices.

Built by industry experts with decades of experience joining hands with a team of world class data scientists and ML pioneers, DF mSafety AI is the solution to address your key challenges in Safety and Surveillance Management – from case intake and triage through medical review and regulatory submission.

The only solution with a distinctive flavour for each of the three major vigilance areas Pharmacovigilance, Cosmetovigilance and Medical Device Vigilance.

The below key components of DF mSafety AI are also available as stand-alone products that can be integrated with customers’ existing Safety Databases:

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    AI-powered Case Intake from multiple sources and Case Triage
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    Signal Detection and Risk Management
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    Literature Monitoring for Safety Vigilance

Features of DF mSafety AI

Automates case intake from multiple sources
AI case intake with bulk upload and creation of ICSRs
Supports multiple format using highly accurate ML models
AI powered automated triage for adverse events
Codifies contents based on medical dictionary
Augmented safety signals to help manage safety issues faster
Built and delivered on a regulatory compliant cloud
API-based integrations with your enterprise systems
In-built Document Management system (DF DocX AI)
DF mSafety AI delivers measurable value to life sciences companies by automating safety case data collection, drastically reducing compliance costs, and simplifying case management.
Cut down your manual effort by

Improved Productivity

Reduced time to screen & triage cases

Increased Accuracy

Very high accuracy in the extraction of information and medical facts from docs and images in multiple formats

Faster ROI

Compliments safety databases and case management systems through easy integration using standards

DF mSafety AI enables AI-powered automation of case intake, triage and signal detection. Experience the modern way of Safety Vigilance.

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