13th Annual Clinical Trials, 2022 19th May 2022, Mumbai - Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare
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Event Date: 19/05/2022
May 11th, 2022

13th Annual Clinical Trials, 2022 19th May 2022, Mumbai

13th Annual Clinical Trials, 2022 19th May 2022, Mumbai

Datafoundry will be at The 13th Annual Clinical Trials Summit 2022

This multidisciplinary program involves broad participation of people from clinical trials community from around the globe who are focused on learning more about clinical research, clinical trials planning and management. It will provide a platform to discuss on the futuristic advancements in clinical trials and clinical research.


Key Themes:

•  The growth of hybrid trial and virtual trials in India – Where we are?

•  Better patient recruitment and retention – Can be achieved by DCT?

•  Digital transformation and AI in clinical trials

•  What are key challenges in patient safety? Ways to overcome and better alternatives

•  Risk-based monitoring (RBM) – Is ensuring patient safety?

•  Clinical trial design and implementation – How technology makes an easier way?

•  Wearable devices, remote monitoring and virtual trials – Risk and benefits

•  Key market trends and challenges driving opportunities and outsourcing

•  End-to-end strategic partnership and managing the communications gap in CROs

•  How can sponsors successfully manage the EU CTR change?

•  Technology accelerates new age clinical research

•  Are the regulations sufficient in clinical trials and what needs to be done?

•  Remote clinical research – Risks and chances

•  How RWE is transforming clinical trials?

•  How do we deal with privacy concerns around RWD?

•  Ensuring and maintaining compliance with the rules and regulations.


Join us for a one-to-one meeting where we can explore the possibilities of how we can help you to experience faster trial setup, efficient data capture, real time visibility and on-time DB lock with our cloud solutions.


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