Investing in Education and Community Development
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Event Date: 07/01/2023
Feb 1st, 2023

Investing in Education and Community Development: Datafoundry Helps to Bring New Life to Sports Complex at Abovyan Village High School


As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, Datafoundry recently undertook a CSR initiative to contribute in the renovation of the sports complex at Abovyan Village High School in the Ararat Region of Armenia. The project was a great success and was inaugurated on January 27th, 2023 by a group of distinguished leaders, including the Ararat Region Governor, Mr. Sedrak Tevonyan, the Deputy Minister of Education Science, Culture and Sports, Mr. Karen Giloyan, The Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Nico Schermers, The Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of India, Mr. Tejas Pagar, and Artashat city mayor, Karlen Mkrtchyan. 

In his speech, Mr. Tejas Pagar emphasized the importance of this initiative and congratulated Datafoundry for setting an example for private companies to give back to their communities. He noted that India and Armenia have historical relations and a close friendship, and the renovation of this school is a first instance of a private company contributing to the community in this manner. He expressed his best wishes for the school in the future and hoped that there will be many more such projects. 


The opening of the renovated sports hall was a significant event for the students, staff, and community of Abovyan Village. With this new facility, students can now engage in physical activities and sports in a safe and modern environment, promoting healthy habits and fostering a positive learning experience. 

At Datafoundry, we believe that corporate social responsibility is a crucial aspect of doing business. Our contribution towards the renovation of the sports complex at Abovyan Village High School is just one example of how we aim to make a positive impact in the world. We are proud to have played a role in enhancing the lives of students in the Ararat Region and look forward to continuing our efforts to support the communities where we operate.

As a company, we remain dedicated to investing in education and providing young people with the resources they need to succeed. We hope that the renovated sports complex will provide students with a safe and functional space to participate in sports and physical activities, which are crucial for their physical and mental health. 

The opening of the renovated sports hall was a touching event that displayed the positive impact that can be made through CSR initiatives. Team Datafoundry is proud to have been a part of this initiative and continues to remain committed to giving back to the community.

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