DF Health 4.0 Cloud Platform

Designed by domain experts, powered by AI. DF Health 4.0 Cloud offers best-in-class products and services for Clinical, Safety and Regulatory areas.

DF Health 4.0 is an Intelligent Cloud Platform that offers SaaS products and technology services specifically designed to help sponsors and CROs make the most of the potential power of data across all phases of drug discovery, development and post-marketing.

Whether you are

Pharma/ Biotech/ Cosmetic/Medical devices company
CRO/Functional service providers
Tech Consulting Firm

DF Health 4.0 offers solutions and services that could add immense value.

Discover new connections between data for accurate insights, faster.

Features of DF Health 4.0

Unified data management platform.
DF AI-powered products for Safety Case Management and Signal Detection, Literature Review, EDC and Label Management.
Real-time reports and intuitive dashboard for customisable insights.
DF proprietary and domain-specific-data trained deep learning models.
Data digitisation pipeline with advanced OCR and NER capabilities.
AI based medical image processing.
Workflow automation for any of our customer's data digitization needs.
Secure cloud infrastructure for protecting sensitive data enabling compliance with all required regulations, guidances and industry best practices.
The AI-driven features of our products are available as bolt-on services that can be integrated with your existing systems.

Problems we solve

Our solutions are designed to help researchers and development specialists save tens of thousands of hours annually in their workflows while providing unprecedented transparency into the tasks' risk vs benefits.

DF Health 4.0 Cloud helps to
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    Focus your efforts on medical science than managing data through manual processes
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    Improve the customer experience and the reputation of your organization and capabilities.
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    Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.
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    Accelerate innovation through cost-effective digital transformation.
DF Health 4.0 solves the problem by providing
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    A validated Data Digitization Pipeline.
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    AI-Powered Modular Products.
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    Medical NLP & Deep Learning Models.
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    Highly Accurate OCR and Text Analysis Engines.
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    Custom Product Engineering & AI Labelling.

The Datafoundry difference

We are a team of user experience-obsessed engineers and data scientists who love building software technologies that help people. To help you accelerate innovation and data transformation, our team of experts will work with your business and IT teams to design a solution that meets your requirements, budgets and timelines.

Our highly scalable cloud solutions can be deployed immediately and can help you transition to commercialization more quickly, while ensuring more uptime, noise-free analytics, and consistent customer service.

Our flagship platform - DF Health 4.0 Cloud - is used by some of the biggest names in the Life Sciences domain, helping them save time and money while, ensuring that their products meet regulatory standards with faster time to market.
Double your productivity while reducing your costs by up to


Microservices and based resilient architecture - handle both streaming and offline data.


Handles any amount traffic and data sizes.


End-to-end data protection using encryption and ciphers with multi layered security ring against cyber attacks.

Plug n Play

Supports industry standard data transfer protocols and data formats for interoperability with other pipelines.


Fast customization of solutions in SaaS model and deployment in both natively hosted or customer's environments.


Create new or customize existing data extractors, transformers and infographics library modules or do a what-if analysis using our ML models with our knowledgeable 12x5 customer support staff.

DF Health 4.0 Cloud is a platform that offers products,
solutions and services to help get speed to market value
in the Life Sciences and Health Care domain.
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