Optimizing Pharmacovigilance Literature Search
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Aug 24th, 2023
Optimizing Pharmacovigilance Literature Search: Automated Multi-Source Articles Import 
DF Literature Monitor's automation

In the fast-evolving landscape of pharmacovigilance, staying ahead of potential adverse events (AEs) and ensuring patient safety is paramount. Manual processes for literature monitoring are time-consuming and prone to oversight, which is why Datafoundry’s DF Literature Monitor is a game-changer. Let us delve into one of the groundbreaking features that is transforming the way pharmacovigilance experts work: Automated Multi-Source Articles Import

Embracing Automation for Enhanced Vigilance 

Gone are the days of laborious article searches across multiple databases. With the Automated Multi-Source Articles Import feature, DF Literature Monitor introduces a seamless and efficient way to curate relevant content. Imagine effortlessly pulling articles from over 19 global and local literature databases including PubMed, Embase, Springer-Nature and more.  

Here is what sets this feature apart: 

Unparalleled Coverage 

With DF Literature Monitor, you gain access to an extensive array of medical literature sources at your fingertips. This vast coverage ensures that no stone is left unturned in your pursuit of identifying potential adverse events. 

Time Efficiency 

Manual article searches can be painstakingly time-consuming. DF Literature Monitor liberates you from the shackles of manual labor, enabling you to focus on the critical task of analyzing and assessing safety-related information. 

Eliminating Overlooked AEs 

The Automated Multi-Source Articles Import leaves no room for oversight. Relevant articles, even those tucked away in lesser-known databases, are systematically imported, keeping you at the forefront of safety vigilance. 

Authenticated Article Retrieval 

Validated database connectors used by DF Literature Monitor ensure the credibility and accuracy of the imported articles. This means you can confidently rely on the data you are analyzing and acting upon. 

Relevancy Ranking through Semantic Search  

DF Literature Monitor advances automation with its Semantic Search technology. The algorithm ranks imported articles based on their relevance and date of publication, reducing manual effort significantly. 


How NLP Technology Works  

Developed by Datafoundry’s Machine Learning Group, the NLP we use in Literature Monitor has two components – the NER models and the RE (Relationship Extraction) models. The NER technology scans the articles for pertinent safety-related information. It identifies and extracts entities such as adverse events, conditions, medications, and more. 

Subsequently, the RE models establish connections between these identified entities. This automates the extraction of Minimum Safety Information from the articles to generate Safety Case forms. 

Elevating Pharmacovigilance Processes 

The combination of Automated Multi-Source Articles Import and NLP technology creates a powerhouse solution for pharmacovigilance experts. You gain access to an extensive pool of relevant information, intelligently ranked for efficient analysis. This not only saves time and effort but also significantly enhances the accuracy of your vigilance efforts. 

Ready to Optimize Your Pharmacovigilance Approach? 

Embrace the future of pharmacovigilance with DF Literature Monitor’s Automated Multi-Source Articles Import and NLP technology. Elevate your vigilance game, streamline your processes, and ensure patient safety like never before. Stay ahead of potential adverse events and make informed decisions with confidence. 

Effortless Vigilance: Unlock the power of automation with DF Literature Monitor. Effortlessly import articles from global databases, leaving no potential adverse event unnoticed. 

Innovative NLP Technology: The integration of NER and RE models within the Literature Monitor facilitates a streamlined and efficient process. By accurately extracting and linking relevant entities, the system forms a cohesive understanding of safety information in articles. 

Uncover Insights, Fast: With DF Literature Monitor, relevant safety information is just a click away. Elevate your pharmacovigilance processes and make informed decisions confidently. 

Discover how DF Literature Monitor is reshaping the way we monitor safety information. Try it today and be a part of the next wave of pharmacovigilance excellence. 

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