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Datafoundry was founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying data-driven business operations, by making data more accessible and easier to extract insights.

Our proprietary AI algorithms include best-in-class OCR and NER Models, and a domain-specific NLP core for Life Sciences and Health Care industry. We call it MediLP (Medical NLP).
By providing foundational data and analytics capabilities and cloud capabilities, we assist life science organizations in becoming data-driven composable enterprises. At Datafoundry, we help businesses build data fabrics for flexible and reusable data integration pipelines, services, and semantics.
 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare


Our team of data scientists, AI/ML engineers, software developers, cloud architects and domain experts work with a single aim – deliver the best data science solutions to drive innovation and process excellence for our customers.

 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare


Our customers are world-class companies solving everyday problems for humanity. Team Datafoundry takes pride in enabling our customers to succeed – in a faster, cost-effective, scalable and secure manner.

Who we are?

We’re Datafoundry, a dedicated team of data scientists, life sciences experts and technology geeks. Our mission is to help you optimize your deep learning models for maximum impact. We have the expertise to help you with all aspects of your data-driven business.

Datafoundry helps life sciences companies make sense of their data. Our team offers a platform that helps organizations manage and transform their unstructured data into meaningful insights and automate key business processes. We provide a suite of products and services that enable organizations to collect, cleanse, convert, analyse and visualize their data as an asset for competitive advantage.

 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare | data foundry

If we had to describe ourselves in few words, they would be:

 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare

We are building innovative technologies for Life Sciences and HealthCare sector with a focus on automation and insights.


To become the world's leading Data Sciences Company by building advanced technologies delivering meaningful insights and innovation to businesses, ultimately resulting in transforming lives for the better.


To enable digital transformation for Life Sciences and Healthcare customers using AI/ML and analytics.

What do we do?

Datafoundry helps organizations with everything from data preparation for ML models, to advanced analytics and process automation.

At Datafoundry, we take pride in our domain-based, customer-centric and data-driven approach to solving business problems. Our approach involves understanding the data digitization maturity of the organization, the key benefits expected, and the constraints (time and cost for example), to propose a solution tailor-made for the customer’s business.

The core engine of the solution is the data digitization pipeline that can be implemented on the Datafoundry Secure Cloud Platform or on the customer’s own cloud environment. The various use cases of the customer – could be AI-powered process automation or analytics/insights – would be delivered as an easy-to-use business application. The applications /services can be integrated into the existing business systems of the customer in a multi/hybrid cloud implementation.


Datafoundry has built AI-powered solutions for Safety Case Management (DF mSafety AI),Automated Safety Signal Management (DF mSignal AI), Automated Literature Monitoring (DF Literature Monitor), and Data Digitization Analytics Solution (DF Digitalize AI).

The AI-powered modules of our products can also be integrated as bolt-on services to existing enterprise solutions, thus enhancing the capabilities and protecting customers’ technology investment.

 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare | data foundry

WHY CHOOSE Datafoundry?

 Leading Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare | data foundry

Datafoundry provides you the full service to turn your data into value. From initial engagement with CIO/CTO to business process reengineering, data management, data analysis and machine learning, we’ll walk with you from inception to implementation.

 best Cloud-Based AI for Life Sciences | AI for Healthcare | datafoundry

Datafoundry combines the power of our proprietary machine learning and data analytics platform with the industry expertise and experience of our team of data scientists and data engineers to deliver data insights that can make a real impact on your business.

We help you leverage AI to solve your business problems

Datafoundry has built a strong global team of domain experts, data scientists and ML engineers to help customers assess their business and data needs. Our proprietary AI/ML models and innovative digitization pipeline will significantly reduce the cost and time to business value for your projects.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help solve your business problems through data science.

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